Ass / Anal / (Arse) play stories

ASS: A Short Spanking

Shelly stood before my desk with her gaze focused on the floor. "You can't fire me," she said.

"You came to work intoxicated yesterday so I have no choice. I am going to have to escort you to human resources," I said starting to stand up.

"Please don't fire me, my husband will kill me," Shelly knelt down on one knee before me. "Isn't there something we can work out?" She was in her early twenties and had curly long blonde hair, a perky chest, and best of all a marvelous round butt that she often stuck out and wiggled as she walked. That butt was like a dartboard and I wanted to see more of it, but unfortunately I had a bad rap with human resources myself. She interrupted my train of thought and whispered, "Isn't there anything we can work out?" Her moist lower lip jutted out and she ran her tongue across it.

Maybe she was thinking sex but I had something more fun in mind. "Well, perhaps there is something we can work out. You should be punished. I think a spanking would be best."

Her face turned pale and she said, "S-s-s-spank me? Maybe we could do something else? I could suck on your cock."

"No thanks, maybe we should just go down to human resources." I said.

She gulped, "okay, okay. Let's do this."

I patted my lap and said, "come here, Shelly, we need to get to the seat of your problems." She slowly walked toward me and I grasped her wrists and pulled her across my lap. She lay face down and her twin rear globes were stretched out before me under a black mini skirt. I rubbed my right palm over her firm butt. She was quite tensed up so I just gave her a few light smacks. She squirmed her buttocks back and forth. "Relax," I said, "this is going to excite me more than it will hurt you." I slowly lifted up the hem of her skirt and she jerked her head up and cried "please, not on my panties!" She reached her hands behind her back to try to stop me but I grasped her small wrists with my left hand. With my right hand I slowly raised the skirt up her thighs and over the steep curve of her butt. I finished raising the skirt and looked at her white lace panties. I raised my right hand and spanked the lower half of her panties and she let out a few "ow's and oh's!"

Then I inserted two fingers in the elastic of the waistband of her panties and tugged them down to the top of her firm smooth thighs. She cried out, "Please, don't spank my bare bottom!" I gave her a dozen hard spanks and watched as her cheeks reddened. She gasped with each smack. Like most blonde women, she had skin that reddened quickly. I gave the top of her thighs a few spanks as well. Then I opened my desk drawer and fished inside. "What are you doing?" Shelly asked.

"Aw, here it is," I exclaimed, while I pulled out my wooden hairbrush. I ran the smooth backside of the hairbrush against the lower half of her butt and Shelly begged, "Please, not a hairbrush!" I smiled and said, "I have to make sure you learned your lesson. Five smacks with the brush, and you have to count them off." She pleaded some more and without warning I fired the spank. "Oh, gawd!" She cried.

"You didn't count that one so I have to start over," I said.

"No!" She cried.

I gave the top of her thighs a smack and she cried out, "one!" The top of her thighs were bright red. I administered the remaining four spanks and she cried and squirmed with each one.

I cupped my right palm on her butt and felt its warmth. The lower half of her butt was scarlet. I said "that wasn't so bad, was it? But don't show up to work drunk again, understand?" I released my grip and she stood up and in a quick motion pulled her panties up and skirt down. She leaned over to me and kissed me full on the lips and said "thank you." She turned and shook that ass while she strode out of the room. I looked at my calendar for the rest of the day. Nina, the Russian with the heart-shaped ass, needed to be suspended for using too many sick days. I dialed her office and grinned.


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