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Age Play
I was contacted thru 'Alt' by a young couple[mid 20s]. They had been acting out some fantasies, but wanted to increase the 'Realism'. Kim and Kelly felt my profile would fit their plan. We exchange several Emails and photos. Kim had gone to thrift store and purchased a 'School girl' uniform. In it, she appeared a teenager. They had my interest, and we agreed to meet in a public place first.  read more >>>

The training of Christina...
Christina's fantasy email had revealed a lot about her and the sort of thing she was after. This is exactly why I get all the girls to send me one.. It gives you a better starting point to play and get to know each other. From her email I knew that Christina was serious and imaginitive about her lifestyle. I also knew what scenes turned her on and at what level to begin play. For example the fact that she had the schoolmaster fantasy said a lot to me about power play and age play...   read more >>>

Martha's light bondage threesome
Martha has always enjoyed Martha has always enjoyed light bondage, having her four limbs lightly restrained, and blindfold. Jorge, her husband, never really enjoyed it and for Martha it left her not feeling completely sexually satisfied. Just because Martha does not get her light bondage like she likes it does not mean that she is not please with Jorge. For her it is one thing that she has accepted that may only happen on a rare occasion and for her she has found using her vibrator at night while Jorge is asleep fantasizing about the scene is sufficient for her.
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Cuckolding Hubby
My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam for short. I am a 32 year old married housewife, and my hubby Steven and I have no kids, yet! I'll explain the yet part later. We'd been married for six years when this story took place about a year ago.
I had really noticed that our sex life was taking a down hill slide. The first few years of our marriage it seemed like we fucked all the time. I was always open to trying new and exciting things, and I never denied hubby anything, and I mean anything! I loved sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, and I loved to fuck. I was into anal, and loved the feeling of his hard cock going in and out of my ass, as I masturbated myself to orgasm after orgasm...   
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Exquisite Torture
I am usually a very light sleeper, but my doctor had put me on a sedative to help me get a better nightís rest. I fell asleep on my left side, as is my habit, with my husband Jim snuggled in behind me, his arm draped possessively over my body. I slept soundly in his arms, knowing it was the weekend, and neither of us had to get up to go to work. I woke mid morning to find myself naked, spread eagle on the bed, wrists and ankles bound to the bed. I was gagged and a sleep mask covered my eyes...   read more >>>

Young, Free and Kinky
Kinky experiments with a friend after school. It was a hot sunny day in July. My friend Amy and I were on holiday after our A-levels. Amy had as usual worked out some wonderful sex adventure for us, and had invited me over to her house. My mum dropped me off, and once inside the house, Amy gave me a huge snog against the door.
"Isn't this fantastic?" she said. "A whole day alone in my house with you! I've got a really great surprise for you. Come up stairs."
I followed her up to her room. She closed her window and drew the curtains.
"What are we going to do?" I asked her.
"Wait and see. Help me move my rocking chair over to the bed." It was a large rocking chair, with a cushion tied to the seat. We moved to the end of the bed, which was one of those without nasty wooden bits at either end which you can bang your knee against...
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Submissive to Her Mistress
Jill is such a beautiful and obedient slut. Gorgeous red hair and green eyes make her so instantly attractive to anyone who sees her. She could have any man she wants but itís her desire to be dominated by a woman that brought her to me.
We make a lovely contrast, a beautiful redhead with a dark and mysterious brunette. My hair is shorter then her long flowing locks of fiery red. My eyes are the most distinctive feature of my face piercing and powerful the reddish brown hue states clearly the power I know I have. My lips are shapely with a perfect cupidís bow for my upper and a full succulent lower lip. I am dressed for business in a sexy but not overstated black suit jacket and short dark skirt that allows my legs full range of motion as I walk in my high heels...  
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Spanking Machine - "Home Use"
Fathers, do your daughters act out too much? Mothers, are you tired of the yelling and shouting? Well then, it is time for you to get the new and improved spanking machine. Yes, that's right, a new and improved spanking machine. This new model has everything our test families asked us to include. Padded restraints to hold your naughty brat down with, multiple implements to spank their bottoms, and an angled top, to provide more of a target, while making them feel more vulnerable. Yes, the Acme Spanking Bench, mark 2 - The next generation in spanking and corrective measures...  read more >>>

Fist For My Pet
She lay bound to the bed, bent in the ways I found satisfying, useful. Her arms, wrists in soft cuffs, were stretched down the sides of her body, attached by rope tied to the foot of the bed. Ropes from the head of the bed were taut, the ends wrapped around her thighs, above the knees, her legs pulled back and apart, the gynecologist pose. Her breasts were lifted in coils of rope, a clothes pin held each nipple tight. I smiled at the sight. Every point of entry was open wide to me. She had the nervous look of anticipation, a gleam of fear in her eyes, a subtle, hungry smile on her lips. Kneeling by the curve of her ass, I noticed the glistening of her wet pussy...  read more >>>

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